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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Advice on how to dress for your family picture~

There are few questions I always get asked when I book a session - What do I wear? Should we all wear the same color?

Clothing choices are just as important for family sessions, as other sessions. I highly suggest clothing for each family member that has the same tone, not necessarily color. Please, and this is very important, be wary of stripes, plaid, words and logos on your family's clothing. These things can be a distraction from your beautiful family. Keep it simple is my motto
Also, leave your watches at home. Colors or patterns as they distract from your faces, glasses (they tend to cause glare), and chunky jewelry (becomes distracting from you). Also, this tip for the ladies please don’t wear sunscreen- make sure your foundation does not contain SPF- I don't exactly know the science behind that, but I know that sunscreen messes with the reflection. If you do use a foundation with a sunscreen, then use a powder over it without sunscreen.

Hair ideas

For all my clients who have little girls and are out ideas on how to fix their little girl hair for the picture. Well I have found the solution. Her name is Stephanie she is a mom of three- and she has a lovely hair blog- has tons & tons cute hair tutorial for your little girl. So please check out her site and besure to bookmark it. I have her website saved~ I don't even have a little girl- Hopefully one day soon. Have a lovely day everyone!

CLICK HERE FOR STEPHANIE BLOG http://shedoeshair.blogspot.com/

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