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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brigitte Bardot Look- in 5 mins

How to get that 1960's look like Brigitte Bardot. I have always loved this look! When I had longer layered hair I did this look all the time. I was even stopped at the mall by a young
lady who ask me how did I get that bump in my ponytail to stay put. It was the best compliment-it made my day!! I have tried Bump-it but my hair was way to thin so this product didn't work for me . (Bump-it would be great if you have thick hair)

So here's my steps to get the effect:
1. This hairstyle works best on day old hair -so don't wash your hair that day

2. You will need 4 bobby pins that match your hair color, bungee bands (find at Ulta), brush teaser and strong hairspray I love Got 2B from Sallys.

3. You just pull a section of your hair forward- where you want the bump to be (crown of your head) and back comb first a lot then one or 2x's front comb it using your teasing brush or comb.

4. Now take 2 Bobby pins- make an (x) with the bobby pins to hold the bump in place- this is the tricky part. Take your time

5. Then once it has been teased sufficiently, then you can smooth over the tease by combing the top of the teased hair- don't comb too much or you will have uncombed everything you just did.

6. Now spray the heck out of it- Now take the rest of your hair and create a med to high ponytail -try not to tug that hard when using the bungee bands

1 comment:

  1. have you heard of BUMPITS? they are great to achieve that look, sally's has them and now cvs does too for 9.99