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Friday, July 24, 2009

Check out the workout Kelly Ripa does at Physique 57

While working out this morning on my elliptical -I was watching Regis & Kelly.
Kelly announced her gym Physique 57 in NY will be selling Ab & Arms DVD the very class that she attends.
How cool is this- I will be ordering. I have always admire Kelly Ripa figure (after three kids) she's got it going on.

Check out the workout Kelly swears by! Starting July 24th the Physique 57 "Arms & Abs Booster" DVD will be on sale. Visit www.physique57.com for more information.

If you can't get the dvd- here are a few youtube videos I have found

Kelly Ripa/Jeremy Piven Push-Up Challenge

Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper Workout

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  1. okay, now I need new music and a new body. This I must have too!

  2. Kelly Ripa does look amazing! I think she is skinnier now then she was before she had kids!

  3. LOVE this post! Thanks!

    I need to do some of these work outs