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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Styl'd On Tonight~premieres tonight MTV 10PM ET/PT.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. We did my husband and I just stayed home and passed out candy. We ran out of candy and 7pm and had to turn off the lights. Note to self for next year buy extra bags.

This new show on MTV called Styl'D
"Styl'D," a new reality show premiering at 10 tonight on MTV, junior stylist's assistants Janna Brown and Gary Samuelian, shove and push rolling racks full of clothes up a steep dirt hill in Runyon Canyon. It's an extreme scenario, with shades of gimmicky stunts à la "America's Next Top Model," but it aims to illustrate the physical and mental demands stylists go through for their job -- showing it as a literal uphill battle. via latimes

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Don’t forget to set your clock back an hour -- extra hour of sleep!! :)


  1. Hey pretty lady!! If you recreate any of those baby photos I posted on Summer's blog... you have to post and share them. I would love to see your beautiful work!!
    And sidenote- it is by no means a big deal at all... but you did a sweet giveaway over the summer that I won, for that cute little postcard pillow. It never did arrive and I just wanted to let you know... in case you wanted to check in with the gal you did the giveaway with. If something fell through, no worries... just wanted to let you know.
    Hope you had an awesome Halloween and a great weekend all around!

  2. Hope your weekend was as Fab as you!!!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed handing out candy with your hubby, hope your week goes well!