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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amazing Hand Scrub~ Secret of the Islands

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, we spent time with my family at their timeshare in Hilton Head, SC which was breathtaking place to stay!  In every restaurant they had this signature hand scrub in all the bathrooms called Secret of the Islands, so I went ahead and tried this hand scrub since it was free in the ladies room-at a Skull Creek Boathouse- I was utterly astonished it was the most amazing hand scrub I have ever tried!!! No Joke- I even made my mom go to the restroom to try it! It will make your hand baby soft!!

 I purchase 1 bottle immediately after dinner.

Read the review here   

Gift Idea 

If you need a fabulous gift or just a nice extra thing to add to your guest bathroom this is hands down the best hands scrub. You can purchase a sample pak here or a full size. (The one I picked up was their signature one called Ocean Breeze but they have over 14 different scents from peppermint to coconut!

~Here's a cute picture of my baby girl on the beach for the First Time~ 

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