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Monday, January 20, 2014

Things I’m loving lately

1. Studio 35 Beauty Skin Oil Vitamin E-  I heard about this via youtube guru - The girl in the video said most eye serums top active ingredients  is usually is Vitamin E -- 
 she said to save your money and just get this.
Too my surprise it does work.  I use it at night after cleansing my face, I just use around my eyes. When I wake up my eyes look hydrated and I swear I have less lines under my eyes- What more can a girl ask for- Plus the bottle so big it will last me more that a year! 
It can be found at Walgreen's-- Make sure you get skin oil found in the lotion section at my Walgreen's not the vitamin oil in with the vitamins.

2. Silver Gel ASAP $6.95 --  I heard about this from a friend of mine- and she swears by it!

For me I will not ever be without...This stuff is amazing stuff- It helps Promote Natural Healing ASAP. You can dab a small amount on pimples, rashes etc.. and they will be literally almost completely gone in the morning. The directions say within 6 mins of putting this on you can then add your favorite moisturizer just let the Silver Gel dry for first 6 mins- It will make your skin feel soft and wonderful. Try it on age spots, sunburns, diaper rash, skin itch, bug bites, diabetic skin problems, eczema, cuts, burns and skin infections. Order here

3. Studio 35 Beauty Cocoa Butter Cream $5

I've read about this on Joanna Krupa ( Housewives of Miami ) twitter. She swear by it!!
   So when I was at Walgreen's, I thought why not try it! Holy heck this stuff is Amazeballs!!!
 I use after I shave and get out of the shower- Your skin will thank you! 
Go purchase it now!!!
Cocoa Butter is a Powerful antioxidants help renew skin and restore skin s natural moisture balance despite the harshness of sun or wind. Helps relieve and smooth stretch marks before, during and after pregnancy. Transforms dry, dull skin.

4.  Vitamin E Oil Stick by Reviva Labs:$3.39: After the Holiday's I was at Ulta and while checking out in line there was this lady in front of me who literally had 9 of theses in her basket. I asked her about it- she said she was obsessed with them and she said this is her favorite thing to give as gifts and she can't be without one. 

Then she said to me " Hun go grab one, I'll hold your spot in line".  So I went and grab one and I love it - it makes my nightly routine complete- it's the last thing I put on my lips. 
It can be used on eyes, cuticles and lips. Plus it's super cheap! 

Hope you enjoy theses products as much as I did - 
Please share your Holy grails- in the comments below! 
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  1. Great tips. Love your blog too!!
    xo Holly