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Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm happy to announced my NEW WEBSITE IS LIVE

You may have noticed Kelly Ann Studio has a NEW Website. The site has undergone a complete redesign, and I even rebranded my LOGO to a new Boho Feel. The best NEWS is my new website will work on iPhones!!!!!!  NO MUSIC ON iPHONES :( just on the main computer-so beside to view your proofs on a main home computer.

I hope you like the more sleek, modern, simple look! (Also, please note that it will look different on a mobile device too since it is mobile responsive.) I will be still selling my prints but they will be sold via Etsy.com and proofs can be purchase via my website! Etsy Store will be coming soon- please "Like" my Studio Facebook page for updates!Also, since I just launched the my new site, there may be little errors to work out. If you notice something that looks a bit odd or isn’t functioning properly, pleaseeeee send me an email and let me know!  

Now Go Check it out!!! It was so much work but well worth it-I love how it turned out! I couldn't use older proofs from older website because of the sizing issues so pretty much all the proofs on the website are from current sessions! Thank you to my clients who made this possible! 

Thank You

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