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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday- New Music

 her first cd and now the second album from She & Him is out. Zooey Deschanel voice is amazing! Her vocals reminds me of reincarnation of Judy Garland or Carol King. So check out Volume 1 or 2 on iTunes today.

She & Him - In The Sun from Merge Records on Vimeo.

Listen here

Sunday, March 28, 2010

6-month-old shoot

  Oh my goodness- Harper is growing up so darn fast. I have had the pleasure to photograph Harper since he was only 2 weeks old. He growing up to be such an adorable little boy. Here are just a few of my favorites from his 6 month old photo shoot.

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My sister sent me this link- bunch cool blogs 
(the 1st blogger mashup) Click here

To my old & new followers blog friends …

via:   originally found at: kittysaidmeow

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Parent Experiment--Free podcast

My husband got me hooked on this podcast for new moms.  Both Teresa & Lynette are very insightful and have some great tips for any mom. So if you are a new mom to be - 
 Download the FREE podcast here    
I upload the podcast on my I-touch then listen at night- even my husband likes listening to the podcast--

Emmy winning comedy writer, TV & Radio host and ExploitingMyBaby.com blogger, Teresa Strasser (HOST OF TLC PAST SHOW "While You Were Out" (2002), partners up with producer & mother of twins Lynette Carolla for this weekly peek into the REAL lives of parents. Not your typical parenting podcast, delivered with brutal honesty and sharply hilarious wit...It definitely has a bite to it and is meant to show that being a parent IS one big experiment. Guests range from Comedians and actors to well respected experts in all areas of parenting.
Click below
The Parent Experiment Blog

The Hills is ending after six years

MTV has just announced, that The Hills is ending after six years- 1 season left.  The Hills: Final Season' will premiere April 27 on MTV.
I'm not surprise by MTV canceled The Hills-it's just not the same without LC. 
At least The City is still going strong- Watch the preview for the season 2 The City here

Heidi Montag Says No to Plastic

The City (Season 2) | Trailer

The City (Season 2) | Trailer

What's next for 'The City' girls? Get your first look at all the drama heading your way, starting Tuesday, April 27 at 10:30/9:30c.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Can anyone id her lip color?

Love this lipstick color-So if you have any recs- please post in the comment section.   
I was told it was MAC called HoneyLove

I'm taking a little break from the blog world- Be back soon!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Photoshoot

Today I had the pleasure of taking pictures of cute brother & sister.
Here are just a few of my favorites..... Too cute!

Help a girl out and grab my button

Friday, March 19, 2010

American Idol

  Here's two songs- I'm lovin right now. Both girls are from American Idol- Megan Joy was on last season and Lacey Brown was voted off "American Idol" on Wednesday.  I really loved her voice.
Hope both these's girls get signed- click here to listen



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Jillian & Ed Engagement pictures

I'm just in awe of Jillian & Ed engagement pictures.  I just couldn't pass up sharing these's adorable pictures- I wish them all the best.

Taken by  Renee from Wedded Blis Photography


Has everyone tried McDonalds new Frappe drinks? I had one for the first time in New Orleans -They are so good! I have to limit my caffeine while being pregnant so this is a nice treat at the end of the week. Try one today-

There are 3 flavors : Mocha, Caramel & Latte Frappe

Song to download- Cherie - I'm Ready

Thursday, March 18, 2010

CW Channel Fly Girls

I  saw a preview for this new show last night and it intrigue me called "Fly Girls" ( docu-series on flight attendants). The reason why because after I graduated from college I applied for Mesa Airlines and Southwest Airlines. I was interviewed by both and was accepted into both programs- I decided to go with Mesa being a smaller airline. 

After weeks of going thru the training process I decided  this was not for me. Which in the long run I'm glad I did--- it fun lifestyle if you are single and you meet tons of great people but I was newly engaged and wanted my home base to AZ- being a newbie flight attendant you have to live in different cities.  

“Fly Girls” is The CW Network’s new reality docu-series that takes a 360-degree look at the lives of the charismatic jet-setting flight attendants on America’s hippest new airline: Virgin America. The series will debut mid season on The CW. Click here to watch preview

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick Day

Riverdance Dog! Click here

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


 Oh my goodness I just love this Vogue picture of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady's son Benjamin Rein. I love back lit over expose pictures for some reason there's an airiness too them. 
I'm saving this image so I can recreate with my baby girl- unfortunately, I won't have Gisele body --LOL 

Here are my current pregnancy stats: Week 24

Total weight gain: 11-12 pounds-
Stretch marks: a few :(
Morning sickness: None yet
Heartburn: None

Baby Kicking: yes-I feel her more at night- neat feeling
Overall comfort level: Pretty Good- hard getting up and down. Also,
 I get winded pretty easily and I still have a stuffy nose all the time which is getting sooo old. 

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Peacock Feather Headbands

via toast
I have seen theses Peacock Feather Disc Headbands everywhere lately- and thought to myself this would be really easy to re-create this and a hairclip.  All you need is the following items
 found at any craft store- 

* Glue Gun- mini - $3
Peacock Feathers - $ .50
* Black headband - $1 or cheaper
* Goody clip $2

Some website are selling these's headbands for $18 and up so save your $$ and make your own-   

Good Morning to All~

Pour yourself another cup-and have a great week!

via my sis- thxs for finding this cute gif

LeAnn Rimes "What I Cannot Change"

(One of my fav. LeAnne songs) click here

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tauts Post-Pregnancy Belly Wraps

Has anyone tried Baboosh Taut Wrap from Brooke Burke website????  I've heard a lot good things about her tummy tauts. If you have or know someone who has tried this- I would love to hear feedback-

What is Baboosh Taut Wrap?
For centuries, women from around the world have been wrapping their post-pregnancy bellies to get back into shape quickly and naturally. It is believed that a belly wrap reduces the size of the swollen uterus, reduces water retention in the belly, and helps you lose inches fast, all while supporting that unwanted baggy baby skin! Tauts should be worn as much as you can, 40 days immediately following delivery. If you just discovered Tauts and you've already had your baby, it will still work for you. Wear it as long as you feel necessary to tighten your tummy.
via babooshbaby.com

Click here for  website

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

AMC Breaking Bad

Are you a big fan of the AMC?  If not you should be~ AMC Channel has so many good shows such as my all time favorite MAD MEN and now a new show to me even though it's not new since season 3 starting soon. My husband just started watching season 1 of Breaking Bad- it reminds me of the Showtime show Weeds. So if you have Netflix order season 1 today. 

Breaking Bad follows Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher who lives in New Mexico with his wife (Anna Gunn) and teenage son (RJ Mitte) who has cerebral palsy his wife Skyler is expecting  a baby girl soon. White is diagnosed with Stage III  lung cancer and given a prognosis of two years left to live. With a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to secure his family's financial security, White chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime and ascends to power in this world. 

Krysten Ritter is on of my favorite characters on Breaking Bad I just love her style and her make-up on the show. She has been in many tv shows such as Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars. Krysten has her own band called band Ex Vivian. Listen to her songs here- she's pretty good.

    On Breaking Bad she plays Jane a tattoo artist and Jesse's landlady and girlfriend. She rents him the duplex apartment next to hers after he tells her his parents kicked him out of his house. 

I read in a magazine her favorite lipstick is what I swear by it's~Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Sheer Liptint in Berry. Go firgure-LOL   LOvE this stuff- so addicting it's like Vaseline but with lip tint

Have a lovely day!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photo Booth

 Try it out today~ Fun site 

                             Taken early in day- excuse the no makeup-LOL

RIP Corey Haim-Eighties teen idol

Actor Corey Haim dead at 38, overdose suspected: reports

My favorite Corey Haim movie~ License to Drive -click here 

Don't miss the premiere of America's Next Top Model at 8/7c, followed by the premiere of High Society at 9:30/8:30c TONIGHT! http://cwtv.com