About Russian Dolls
With unprecedented access to one of the most interesting and mysterious communities in the U.S., "Russian Dolls" (formerly "Brighton Beach") is an all-new reality series following the fast-paced comings and goings of eight larger-than-life men and women who live fully, love passionately and work hard as only they can in Brooklyn’s historic Russian-American neighborhood, Brighton Beach.
Over the course of 12 half-hour episodes, "Russian Dolls" will provide a rare and entertaining look at Brighton Beach’s colorful multi-generational families whose dramas and dreams contend with their Russian heritage while living in this famous, alluring, vibrant and highly protective community. By going deep inside the daily life of this charismatic group of close-knit friends and family, we’ll see that they are anything but wooden dolls.
VIA : Lifetime website
Lifetime, Thursday nights at 10:30, Eastern and Pacific times; 9:30, Central time.
~Perfect End of Summer CD Schuyler Fisk~ 
One of my clients wanted one of her songs on her slideshow- I have never heard of her till now- She is daughter actress Sissy Spacek .  Her cd is amazing check it out here