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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Product Review ~ I ❤ AmLactin

  For years I have been wanting to try AmLactin lotion for the back of my arms FOR KP. I have read this stuff gets rid of the little bumps called keratosis pilaris. So when I saw this at Walgreen's on sale I grab it-after I took my shower I put this on my legs and arms and woke up the next day with very soft skin that was only one night. 
So the next night, I thought why not test this out on my face I read reviews online  it had rave reviews for using this as a winter moisturizer because of the LATIC ACID. So I decide to do only half my face to test it and holy cow does this stuff work. Where has this been all my life? It's only been about a week and I have had no breakouts whatsoever and my skin has a glow to it do to the latic acid.  Highly Recommend I Love this stuff!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO TRY A SAMPLE EMAIL AMLACTIN HERE

FYI : Lactic acid is more for gentle exfoliation (can help unclog pores) and evening out skin tone

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